DG LoadMiner

As adoption rates of distributed solar continue to increase, the fragmented and variable nature of this resource presents significant challenges to conventional utility practices for balancing the grid, as well as creating sustainable market structures that are equitable and economically efficient.

DG LoadMiner, an analytics software package from Stoke Informatics, provides utilities and grid operators with an elegant solution for analyzing behind-the-meter energy impacts of net-metered retail electric customers. With net-meter interval data in its raw format, utilities cannot directly see the behind-the-meter demand and generation. DG LoadMiner takes advantage of the inherent variability of distributed solar and processes noisy net-meter data to disaggregate the behind-the-meter demand and generation profiles, offering utilities mass scale customer characterization data necessary for managing large grid penetrations of this unwieldy resource. From these results, DG LoadMiner affords benefits in resource planning and forecasting, high resolution segmentation of customers and grid assets, and analysis of avoided and incremental costs associated with net metering. genvalidation Furthermore, as a software-based solution, DG LoadMiner skirts the need for installing redundant metering hardware to gather similar insights, helping utilities avoid millions in capital investment.

For more information and to receive the white paper that explains our approach, please email Jonathan Nelson at jnelson@stokeinformatics.com.